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The Poster

The Dean Academics Office in association with the KL - University Innovation Fellows is organizing the first ever Reflection Conclave, a 3 day university-wide event aimed at increasing the student participation in the academic process and also making them aware of the various facilities and resources provided by the university.

Topics to be discussed

The various sessions that will be conducted as part of the event include:

Awareness Sessions about the various facilities available at the University

Students will be made aware of the various facilities and resources that are provided by the university like 24X7 labs, software subscriptions, hardware facilities available, mail and cloud storage, etc.

In addition, information about other facilities like the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Cell, Sports facilities, student associations, hobby clubs, etc will also be provided.

Awareness on the flexibility and options available in terms of academics and degrees.

Students will be made aware of the various flexibilities, study options and opportunities available to them as part of their academics. This includes features like overloading, extra credits, MOOCs and many more.

Student feedback on various courses and their teaching & learning mechanisms to improve them.

Feedback on the teaching & learning processes, technologies and tools used etc will be taken directly from the student so that the courses and labs can be updated to meet the students requests.

Student led workshops and tutorial sessions on how to plan for higher studies, internships and jobs.

Workshops and awareness sessions on topics like Higher Studies, Jobs, and Internships will be conducted by senior students of 4th year who have experience in those fields. This helps the students to gain first hand knowledge on the topics so that they can take informed decisions about their future.